Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Teachers Impressions about the Leonardo Mobility Project

I learned about culture differences, both differences in human behave, politics, school system, social/traditional habits and the structure of the country society.By visiting schools I could see some differences in teaching methods/ pedagogy, and "school structure". I have learned much from listening to master classes, and also by talking to students and teachers. This have given me the chance to exchange ideas for assignments and teaching techniques. I got new ideas that I can use in projects for students at home, inspired both from traditions like tile painting as well as from new media areas, like animation, advertisement, film, photography also from our group. I learned some language skills, especially on how to order food, the trip, and collaborating with our group inspired me and made me more creative. This has given me more ideas for future collaborations. 

Trine Mangersnes



I have experienced a wide perspective of a new city, not as individual, but as a team, together we've tasted a whole new way of seeing Lisbon, thought eyes of local culture, cuisine and people.
With this warm atmosphere of the region, it has proven with the opportunity to present our work with some creative educators, it's really sure that it's not the last time I'll be here, by given networking, there's amazing potential in having more experience in near future.

 Mateusz Wiewiorowski


I learned a litle portuguese. The pigeon is called "pombo". I have learned many interesting facts about Lisbon city, for example they celebrate St. António with sardines. I have learned sharing thoughts and ideas with people i didnt know.  I have learned cultural differences- for example the kissing and they pay a lot of taxes.

Janne Wetteland


I spent the last two weeks in Lisbon with a group of Norwegians from Stavanger. We were welcomed by the local organization called Ananda. It was my first time in Portugal and i was positively impressed by the local way of live. I think,being Italian, that our cultures are not so different. I've been living for the 4 years in Norway and i was happy to be in a country were human relationships conteplate spontanedss body contact, such as greeting with kisses, or simply establishing a physical contact while having a conversation. I was surprised by the hight quality of museums and public spaces where it is possible to study or work at personal projects. I had the chance to improve my presentation skills and experiment new ways of teachibg workshops.
I practiced the way to present my portofolio. With my travel mates there has been an inspiring exchange of opinions and ways to deal with art and education. I go home more focused and ready to take new challenges.

Alessandro Marchi


During the last two weeks I have had a lot of new experiences. I have gotten an insight to a different culture and learned about the portuguese way of life.
I developed basic skills in a different language. I have visited portuguese media schools, attended lectures and given workshops. I have also learned more about communication and teamwork. All in all it has been two informative weeks.

Elin Berge


The learning outcome for me of this project was to realize my assumption that I do things best left alone and I overcome my fear of giving lectures in English. From this experience I brought also exciting new contacts for future projects, inspiring experiences and differences and a nice stone from a secret beach.

Geir Bakken

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