Thursday, 24 April 2014

Second week in Lisbon

The last week we have been visiting the Restart School and Val do Rio School. We have been warm welcomed and have been participating in lectures and hosting workshops ourselves. It has been a good experience to see how the schools function and work compared to Norway and to learn about the Portugesian school system.   

Restart school
Monday and Tuesday we visited the Restart school. Here we among other things took part in an immersive reality workshop and lectures about storytelling and social media.

João Tovar showing us around at Restart School.
Val do Rio school
Yesterday we had a visit to the Valdorio school, where we had a guided tour around the school and got to visit different classes and see their portofolios and final work. 

Vasco Corisco introducing us to the Val do Rio School.

The last evening we had a tile painting worskhop with Martas mother. 

Tile painting 
The evening was finished of at Martas place. Her parents had made a wonderful dinner and showed us great hospitality!

All in all we had a fantastic last night and also two memorable weeks in Lisbon! 

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